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Do you have a need for a thorough site survey? Would you like to implement a simply priced catalogue solution for regular jobs? Have you identified systems that would prove a better solution in a different configuration or even a different location? Do you have unused or unnecessary spares stock of decommissioned assets that could be redeployed and put to good use? Do you have valuable assets installed in disused locations going to waste? Is manpower available to take on the task? Are you unsure of how you could reuse what you have?

Unified-Support can make this happen. We can provide the service without the fixed costs. Be it structured surveys, installation, redeployment, and management services for your hardware ensuring it can be installed, removed, checked, tested, and reinstated – putting the right technology to good use. Service and Support is what we do, we thrive on detail, ensuring our clients get the very best lifespan, functionality and good use of their systems and technology assets.

At Unified-Support we think differently, our ethos is to charge for support as you need it when you need it, tailored to your needs – you get enhanced support at a fraction of the traditional cost.

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