Recruitment & Staffing

Do you have the right people in place with the
correct skillsets in the best locations ready to
provide world class support? Do they work well as
a team adhering to existing standards or is there
room for improvement? Can efficiencies be made?
Does churn and recruitment seem high?

The recruitment, management and development
of a team can prove to be a challenge, staff often
cannot see the bigger picture, are not hungry for
change or simply do not understand their value to
an organization.

Unified-Support can provide structured
recruitment, assessment, and development to
your existing team, onboard a new team or make
subtle changes within to enable progression and
success securing the best candidates. Our
services can cover the full staffing life cycle of new
or existing support teams, we can provide
unbiased professional advice from years of
experience and deliver a true managed service.

At Unified-Support we think differently, our ethos
is to charge for support as you need it when you
need it, tailored to your needs – you get enhanced
support at a fraction of the traditional cost.

How does it work?

What is the difference?

What is included?

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