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Expanding Support

Estate’s change, expanding, contracting, rolling out new service lines, moving technology or even providing solutions for home working. Can your systems and support teams cope with these changes?

What if there was touchless technology in place to allow end users to simply leverage fast, secure, knowledgeable support immediately? Could your systems identify, report, or even triage their own issues, moving end users automatically to a free comparable space should an area not be operational? Even raise their own fault tickets and provide reports on usage.

Unified-Support specialize in remote monitoring and support solutions from integration with existing smart building systems through to simple userfriendly applications that sit off network. Allowing increased utilization of existing staff or centralized bespoke teams, decreasing downtime, and increasing customer satisfaction.

At Unified-Support we think differently, our ethos is to charge for support as you need it when you need it, tailored to your needs – you get enhanced support at a fraction of the traditional cost.

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