Equipment Disposal
Getting IT organized

Have your teams built up a stockpile of broken, obsolete, unused equipment across various locations and stores? Do you know the condition of what you have and whether it would be of any use? Is it part of an inventory and supported? Are you moving to a new location and need old equipment catalogued, removed, and securely disposed of or redeployed to your new location?

Unified-Support can make documented review, reuse and disposal happen. Conforming to the WEEE directive, we can offer secure and certified disposal. Service and Support is what we do, we thrive on detail, ensuring our clients get the very best lifespan, functionality and good use of their systems and technology assets – keeping what they need.

At Unified-Support we think differently, our ethos is to charge for support as you need it when you need it, tailored to your needs – you get enhanced support at a fraction of the traditional cost.

How does it work?

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