Project Manager


Every project is different, and every set of project stakeholders is different. The PM needs to negotiate a very complex set of variables between system design, site conditions and a widely varying set of expectations with multiple stakeholders. The skill of communicating both verbally and in writing to manage all these variables takes a very high level of awareness, emotional intelligence, and people management skills. The PM is constantly managing the forces of change in every project environment. Balancing schedules, budgets, scope, quality, and client satisfaction are a very complex set of variables 

Decision Making Authority:

  • Takes full ownership of project – Acts as the single point of responsibility and accountability for the project.
  • Ensures schedule performance, quality of solution delivered to client, and client satisfaction.
  • Manages and reports on the project’s financials, including ensuring budget performance and profitability. Ensures timely and correct billings to client.
  • Demonstrates proactivity, responsiveness, and follow through – Communicates decision options to stakeholders and manages those decisions – Manages a complex array of decisions at every point of the project but is rarely the sole decision maker.


Home based position, with extensive travel within the UK in addition to some travel overseas. Must hold a valid UK driving licence and passport. 

Reporting Structure

Reporting to Programme & PMO Manager. 



  • Associates/Bachelor’s degree required and/or equivalent experience.
  • A PMP certification from the Project Management Institute is desired.
  • AVIXA CTS certification
  • Other relevant certifications may be required or preferred based on the technology focus of the position.


Required/Desired Knowledge, Experience and Skills

A minimum of 3 years of experience as a project manager in commercial construction trades and settings is required. Familiarity with audio/video systems installations. Knowledgeable of low voltage electrical projects. Strong verbal and written communication skills. Supervisory and people skills. The Project Manager shall have the ability and skills to diagnose and resolve complex technical, political and people related problems.

  • Has a high level of both written and verbal communication skills.
  • Focused on clients and able to understand how they can use technology to meet their business needs.
  • Approachable; works well on teams.
  • Is a natural leader.
  • Delegates effectively.
  • Good at setting and managing people’s expectations.
  • Personally organized, manages time well, and sets clear priorities. Sets an example for preparation, punctuality, and professional appearance.
  • Excellent at planning, forecasting, and managing risk.
  • Problem solver who can remain effective in tense situations.